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Wilton Chocolate Fountain - Pros And Cons

The best way to make children and adults alike go “Wow!” at a party – add a chocolate fountain. Not just any, Wilton chocolate fountain because if there is one that money can buy and will stay steadfast and add oomph to your chocolate fondue party, it is this one. Why? Plain and simple, it is the best and the most efficient that you’ll get.

What is Wilton chocolate fountain?

If you have been to a mall or a party with a chocolate fountain, you would know what it feels like to dip your strawberries or rice crisps in fresh flowing melted chocolate. The Wilton chocolate pro fountain offers the same experience at home with a tier fountain that is 18 inches of pure indulgence. The Wilton comes with a quiet and powerful pump that allows you to use thick melted chocolate in the fountain and the three-tier setup makes this chocolate fountain a sight and the life of every party, whether your guests are kids or adults.

The best part about the Wilton chocolate fountain

  • It is extremely easy to set up and use because of its simple structure and detachable parts.
  • The adjustable speed allows you to get a smooth flowing chocolate fountain irrespective of the type of chocolate you use or the thickness. The powerful motor allows you to pour even rich fondue chocolate.
  • The parts of the fountain are made so you can use any chocolate and without adding oil to make for smooth flow. So your fountain flows pure chocolate and nothing else.
  • The Wilton chocolate fountain is a piece of cake when it comes to cleaning after the party because the detachable parts give you access to every nook and cranny.

What chocolate fondue to use?

This is a little tricky. Not selecting what would best run on the Wilton but which chocolate you would like. The Wilton has a inbuilt heating element in the base that keeps the chocolate flowing at all times. However, it is not enough to melt the chocolate at the first go because you would typically use about two and a half bags of chocolate for each use. It is recommended that you melt the chocolate in a microwave oven, making sure you remove the chocolate every 30 seconds for a quick knead. You would need to do this for about 2 to 3 minutes to make sure the entire chocolate has melted.

Once this is done, the chocolate fountain will swing into action and keep it running till the end of your party. Alternatively, you could use the Wilton electric chocolate melting pot that is also available. This is especially useful if you need to quickly refill your fountain – a near certainty if you have a chocolate fountain at your party because the guests won’t just dig in… they’ll pile on.

Wilton offers a wide variety of chocolate fondue and recipes to make your chocolate fountain all the more inviting. One of our friends had mentioned that one must not throw the leftovers into the train since they could harden and cause blocks. To be honest, in all our experience with the Wilton chocolate pro fountain, we ‘had’ no leftovers because no matter how many times we refilled it, the guests just couldn’t help but dip whatever they had into the fondue chocolate.


One would seriously wonder at times what could be a weakness or threat to an all-over well-designed product such as the Wilton chocolate fountain, but yes, there are a couple.


  • Extremely easy to setup
  • Wow factor works way beyond the price-tag
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe fountain parts
  • Powerful pump with an equally powerful heating element
  • Cost efficient
  • While the fountain parts are easy to clean sometimes the base element needs a little effort
  • The setup may be easy but getting the right consistency could be a little difficult


Well, if you’re deciding on a chocolate fountain, or planning on one, the Wilton is the way to go. Easy to set up, amazing to watch, brilliant to work with and not so difficult to clean up, Wilton chocolate fountain offers great value for money and will be a definite delight to every fondue party. Be rest assured, you’ll be asked where you got it from and be certain you’ll have neighbors and friends wanting to borrow it.