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Fondue Party With Wilton Chocolate Fountain

Invite your friends and have a fondue party… set up your house and host the night. Wilton Chocolate Fountain will add elegance to your party and sure enough, the night will be a flash for you and for your friends. After all, we need a flight for inch heels in wintry climate from time to time, don’t you think? Of course, fondue party won’t be a surprise without chocolates on your table. That doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself and guests more often.

Invest in Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain and serve the chocolate dip in various kinds-- you can have pretzels, biscuits, cookies, marshmallows, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, apple slices and a lot more. In addition, there are a variety of chocolates to choose from: milk, bittersweet, white and even sugar-free chocolates depends on your guests. Get as original as you’d like and enjoy dipping various treats with all your friends!


A chocolate fondue party is great because it requires no cooking time. Simply plug in the chocolate fountain machine, pour in the Wilton fondue chocolate and allow it to melt, presto! Chocolate fountain instructions can be found in the user’s manual. Aside from the obvious fact that your Wilton Chocolate Fountain will be a conversation piece and great fun, your chocolate fondue fountain, as it also called, provides the advantage of being able to set it up ahead of time. It will free you up to handle another task and spend more time socializing with your friends.

Buy Your Chocolate Fountain Today!

Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain is an exceptional value, and you’ll be certain that after that exciting chocolate party, your friends will continue to remember your party for many months. Of course, you want to have your friend’s ooohing and aaahing from the pleasure they have had at the party. Worry no more… you’ll never run out of the desert to be served, Wilton Chocolate Fountain is a great solution to that perplexing issue. Save the day, get a Wilton Chocolate Fountain and host a magnificent fondue party!