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Chocolate for Chocolate Fountain, Chocolate Fondue, Kosher Dairy Dipping Chocolate, Best Baking Chocolate Chips, Sephra Premium Fondue Chocolate

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Manufacturer Description

Sephra Premium Chocolate is a delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains and baking chocolate. Premium Chocolate is available in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate fondue. If you're looking for a delicious white chocolate fondue - Sephra Belgian White Chocolate is amazing!

Sephra Premium Milk Chocolate has the quintessential smooth and sweet flavor of classic American milk chocolate. It is perfect for salty dipping items such as pretzels, great with cookies, cream puffs, bananas and basically everything! Sephra Premium Dark Chocolate has a dark chocolate flavor-profile; semi-sweet and never bitter. Sephra Premium Dark chocolate is the perfect companion for strawberries, marshmallow, cream puffs and other sweet dipping items. Both pair awesomely with bacon!

Sephra Chocolate is specially made according to our own recipe to run in Sephra Home Fondue Fountains and Sephra commercial chocolate fountains without the addition of any oils or other ingredients. Sephra chocolate runs perfectly in Sephra chocolate fountains straight from the bag. Sephra Premium Milk and Premium Dark Chocolate is made in the United States with ingredients which are sourced in the United States.

The fat component of Sephra Premium Chocolate is 100% cocoa butter. Sephra Premium Chocolate does not harden at room temperature; as a pure chocolate product, Sephra Premium Chocolate must be tempered to be solid and shiny and to snap when broken at room temperature. Tempering chocolate involves melting the chocolate, raising and lowering the temperature within a narrow degree range, and adding already tempered chocolate to allow the melted chocolate to set up within 3-5 minutes.

Sephra Chocolate is known worldwide to be the most elegant, creamy and delicious chocolate fondue and baking chocolate. It is, by far, the best baking chocolate for all your baking needs, including your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Product Features

CHOCOLATE FOR CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Sephra Premium Chocolate is especially created for chocolate fountains, and will melt into perfect fondue chocolate. Ideal for home fondue fountains and commercial chocolate fountains. CREAMY FONDUE CHOCOLATE. Sephra Chocolate is known worldwide to be the most elegant, creamy and delicious chocolate fondue. Sephra Premium Dark Chocolate is a semi sweet chocolate - never bitter. Perfect for dipping sweet strawberries, marshmallows and cream puffs. Premium Milk Chocolate fondue is delicious on salty items such as dipping pretzels. Or mix and match - it's all yummy! BEST BAKING CHOCOLATE. Delicious Premium Chocolate chips are ideal for baking. Add them to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, cakes, pies, brownies. The chocolate chips keep their form and stay creamy and delicious when used in baking. MADE IN THE USA. Sephra Premium Chocolate is made in the USA using all-natural ingredients. Chocolate chips are packaged in 2 lb resealable bags for ease of use and storage. KOSHER DAIRY CHOCOLATE. Our Sephra Chocolate is all Kosher Dairy. Gluten and trans fat free. No need to add oil or other ingredients. The fat component of Sephra Premium Chocolate is 100% cocoa butter. Sephra Premium Chocolate fondue does not harden at room temperature, as do our Sephra Melts.
We needed this for a last minute inclusion to a function where a fountain was being used. We heard stories about the difficulty in getting chocolate just right to make it flow and how it always chunked up or tasted nasty. He purchased both the Dark Chocolate and the Milk Chocolate. Both worked great. We initially microwaved the first bag but thought we lost to much chocolate squeezing it out. Later batches we just microwaved in a bowl seemed to work better. No need to add extra oil as we had been told would be mandatory if we wanted it to flow right. Flowed without a problem no oil. Just add the chocolate. Nothing but positive comments from guests.

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