Wilton Chocolate Fountain A Party For Kids Of All Ages!

3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

Cascading Waterfalls of Decadent Flowing Chocolate To Create An Instant Party.

  •  Savor the Hot, Delicious, Melted Chocolate Glistening on your favorite treats.
  • Fruit pieces, Berries, Cookies, Cream Puffs, Cake, Marshmallows, Pretzels, Nuts, What Other Treats Can You think of?
  • Create a molten lava of chocolate.
  • Amazing and YUMMY center of attraction for any foodie event!
  • Sits easily on a table, safe and convenient.
  • Cleans Up In Minutes, Just take it apart and stick it in the dishwasher, no muss, no fuss! (Or clean manually)
chocolate fountain on tabletop

chocolate fountain settings

How to use The Chocolate Fountain


Set to preheat

Set to preheat to warm the base unit.


Set to flow to set the luscious fountain of chocolate cascading.


Set to off for safe removal of the chocolate after the party.

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The Features

  • It is extremely easy to setup and use because of its simple structure and detachable parts. Easy to disassemble for storage until next use.
  • The adjustable speed allows you to get a smooth flowing chocolate fountain.
  • It is perfect for parties and events as it holds up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate and creates an elegant flow. Using the same brand of chocolate wafer, it will run for hours without adding any oil and maintain the same taste and consistency.
  • Guests will love choosing their own treats to dip from this wonderful chocolate fountain: cherries, strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies and more.
  • Piece of cake when it comes to cleaning after the party because the detachable parts give you access to every part.
  • Dishwasher safe.
D. Shull
"A friend recommended the Wilton fountain to me as I was told it was the most user friendly and reliable fountain on the market. I used it for a party last week and it was a hit. I was really nervous at first never using anything like this before, but I followed the instructions and the chocolate turned out exactly like how it looked in the picture. I highly recommend purchasing the actual Wilton brand chocolate melts. You do not have to add any oil, just melt and pour into the fountain. The chocolate tasted fresh and delicious. I would highly recommend this product as I had a great experience."
D. Shull

easy assembly of chocolate fountain

Easy Assembly

Easy setup and storage

It is extremely easy to setup and use because of its simple structure and detachable parts.

Removable parts clean up easily by hand

The Wilton chocolate fountain is a piece of cake when it comes to cleaning after the party because the detachable parts give you access to every part.

child in chocolate fountain

Perk up the dessert table

Fondue Chocolate

Although you may use other chocolate melts, it is recommended to use the Wilton Fondue Chocolate Wafers, 4 pounds or 2 bags of 2 lb. bag. You don't have to add any oil, just melt and pour in the fountain. This chocolate is made from premium ingredients for superior melting and a delicious chocolate taste. It also has the ideal texture and rich flavor for making dipped desserts. It is ready to use, no need to add oil or temper

Better Together

It is the perfect coating for dipped chocolate fountain treats like cookies, marshmallows, strawberries, browniies, pretzels and much more. Just follow package directions to melt the chocolate right in the bag and then pour it into your fountain basin.

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See why users love their chocolate fountain...

S. Caluris
We purchased this machine for our daughter's Sweet 16 party. We were hesitant to have a chocolate fountain because a friend of ours had purchased one, a different model & brand, and ended up throwing it away, it was a disaster. After checking out rentals, it seemed cheaper and more practical to purchase our own. After reading the reviews about the Wilton Pro, we purchased the fountain. It was so easy to use! We followed the manufacturers directions and used the Wilton brand of chocolate which required NO vegetable oil. The chocolate melted easily in the microwave and required 2 bags since it holds up to 4 pounds. It ran smoothly and quietly for hours. It was a big hit at the party and we received so many compliments. Friends and family all want our chocolate fountain too! This machine is amazing and was easy to maintain, including washing of the unit. We honestly cannot wait to use it again, it is simply the best!
Red Panther
Easy to use. Not too difficult to clean just be careful while hand washing the actual unit as to not getting the cord wet. It is recommended to warm your chocolate in the microwave for about 2 minutes prior to pouring it into the fondue fountain. By the way, it will take 2 bags of chocolate to start the fountain to flow! This moderate size fountain was a huge score for our grandchildren at Christmas party! We highly recommend this unit!
You cannot go wrong with this fountain!!! It works great and is a huge crowd pleaser!!! I used it for my small wedding reception. It ran from about 4:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. The flow of the chocolate was perfect all night long. I couldn't have been more happy. I used the Wilton bags of chocolate in it (I used 2 bags=4 pounds). The chocolate tasted awesome and it was easy to melt. It took about 3 to 4 minutes for each bag. It cleaned up easy too! That took maybe 10 minutes. We recently used it again for a small party. I tried to use only 2 pounds of chocolate because we weren't having a lot of people, but it did not work well. You must use 4 pounds of chocolate for this fountain. I am going to use it again soon for my sons' birthday party and I cannot wait. This is an awesome fountain and the price is amazing!
I purchased this fountain for a Halloween party and it was a hit. Everybody loved it. It was very simple to put together. I used the recommended chocolate so I didn't add any oil to it. It ran perfectly. At the beginning it didn't give me a continuous flow but after running for few minutes it was perfect. I used the preheat setting for 20 minutes till I melted the chocolate chips using a double broiler. It took 20 minutes to melt the two bags of chocolate (4 pounds) and once I poured it on the metal plate I changed the setting to flow and it was working great. If stayed on the entire party time almost 6 hours. I love it!